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“Superhot” review

A parking garage. It’s just you, but suddenly your vision fills with red bodies armed to the teeth and sprinting […]

“Firewatch” review

As a Boy Scout, I did a fair amount of hiking and camping. Granted, I never did anything as intense […]

“XCOM 2” review

“XCOM 2” starts off with a bang, as players witness an attack during a ceremony celebrating the great unification between humans […]

“Fallout 4” review

Despite the barren soil, terrifying mutants and obviously unclean water, I missed the wasteland. “Fallout 4” has come to us […]

“Mad Max” review

Desolation. Desperation. Fear. Adrenaline. Thundering through the dust in the Magnum Opus feels a little surreal after seeing “Mad Max: Fury […]

“The Bridge” review

  An interesting platformer that uses M.C. Escher-style stages, “The Bridge” will push the bounds of your creative thinking skills. […]

“Q.U.B.E.: Director’s Cut” review

  “Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut” isn’t reinventing the wheel with its gameplay, visuals,  music or story, but it is an amusing brain […]